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The Colony

Service Members

Becoming a partner at Mission Beelieve, is an opportunity for you to introduce beekeeping, as a way to distract yourself from everyday stressors. We focus on suicide prevention and a transition from service. Partners can include the immediate family, wife/husband or  their children. Partners are assigned a mentor for beekeeping support and encouragement to our next class of beekeeping heroes. We'll provide you a handbook, an online beginner course, and a year in the field. You'll be provided workshops to learn the different aspects of beekeeping. Examples are woodworking, hive dives, products of the hive, and educational classes like bee biology. You're invited to join us at markets and experience a easy transition with the community. To join Mission Beelieve and in all the experiences, fill out application below and we'll schedule a meeting to meet face to face.  *Note any veteran/first responders can still apply as a Partner, no matter the amount of years of beekeeping experience.  


A mentor for Mission Beelieve, is the opportunity for you to bring a newbee into your own apiary or Mission Beelieve's training apiary. A Mentor is required to have three years of successful beekeeping experience, a passion to bestow their knowledge to our next class of  heroes, and the ability to donate a single split, nuc or hive. If you're unable to provide a split or nuc, we'll be able to provide them one. Mentors will be partnered with a local area newbee in order to teach basic beekeeping skills. Our partners agreed to our one year program, which entails them working with you for a year before obtaining their first colonies. Through this process we encourage to take pictures to show growth, references to past objectives, and encouragement for themselves. You'll notice it brings a huge impact to them and you as well. 


We understand not everyone has the time to mentor but wants to do their part. Volunteers can apply in any field that appeals to them or  have expertise in. Even if you don't have much knowledge, we'll help you learn a station or task. If beekeeping doesn't appeal to you, there will be tasks and events to apply for throughout the year. Honey filling, crafts, products of the hive, woodworking, and many more task will be available. If you're looking to gain some knowledge as well this is a great opportunity. Second year beekeepers are encouraged to join, and gain some extra opportunities. 
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