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Teaching Apiary




We provide opportunities for continued education, by providing different workshops and events. The different workshops include woodworking, hive dives, products of the hives, and educational presentations like Advanced Bee Biology. 

On the third Saturday of every August, Mission Beelieve hosts an interactive Honey Bee Festival for the whole family. Bee immersed in the world of a Honey Bee, by learning all about their daily activities, honey tasting, and live honey extraction demonstrations. Come join us on all the fun activities live music, and delicious food!

Outreach events at local organizations or cities, provide opportunities to reconnect with the community. By educating the public the importance of pollinators and restoring lost habitats. It also allows the partners to connect with more experienced beekeepers and obtain more knowledge. 

Calendar for Events/Workshops 



Oct. 28th WJZ came out to the farm, to interview Monica, Tristan, and fellow partners! Eryck conveyed the unique way honey bees help him therapeutically.

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