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Buzzing with Purpose: Support Mission Beelieve

At Mission Beelieve, we're dedicated to not only protecting bees but also supporting our brave veterans and first responders. Your donation will directly contribute to our beekeeping program, providing training, equipment, and resources to these incredible individuals. Together, we can empower them to build fulfilling and sustainable careers in beekeeping, while making a positive impact on our environment. Donate today and help us create a buzz of gratitude for our heroes!



We supply our partners,  supplies that apply for our one year program. After signing up they receive a text book and Nuc at the end of their first year. On the fourth Thursday, we hold an educational meeting. We request researchers/master beekeepers, to present for continued education. 



Honey House

A Honey House is a sanitary room or building designed for beekeepers to extract their honey! It is comparable to a commercial kitchen, and can only be used for honey harvesting/extraction. There are strict guidelines that Mission Beelieve and our Partners will have to follow.


Goals towards  the future


The Barn has some rooms and a structure that can use some TLC.  The Machine shed would be remolded to be Honey House. The Honey House will allow everyone to extract their honey and sell it in the store.  The same structure has more space to turn into a clean room to hold vocational classes. The Barn itself has a few holes that leak right in the educational class section. Getting the roof replaced, will allow the educational supplies to stay safe. Below the barn is a spare room, with a dirt floor. That room would be turned into restroom facility. With a restroom facility a septic system will have to be installed. With an ever growing program, there will be an ever growing goal list!

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