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Educational and Therapeutic Beekeeping training for First Responders and Veterans

ABOUT Mission Beelieve

Mission Beelieve provides beekeeping education for Veterans and First Responders.

Our mission is to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of veterans and first responders through the therapeutic and enriching practice of beekeeping. By offering a peaceful and grounding environment for personal growth and connection with nature, through the management of their colonies. We aim to empower and heal those who have served our country and help them transition to a successful and fulfilling civilian life. 


We created the foundation with hands-on workshops and seminars, to help veterans/first responders begin to feel some peace, learn a new trade and connect with nature and community while embracing the therapeutic and vocational aspects of beekeeping.

Mission Beelieve Introduction Video


"Hands in the Hive, Keeps me Alive!"

Eryck Stamper

Mission Beelieve Partner Since 2020

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