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Therapeutic and Vocational training for Veterans and First Responders

ABOUT Mission Beelieve

Mission Beelieve provides a beekeeping education for local Veterans and First Responders.
Our goal is to create a relaxing environment, while educating about the vocational aspects
of beekeeping. This program gives a sense of purpose and a way to reconnect with the

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meet the team

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Monica Schmitt

Monica is one of the creators of Mission Beelieve and a very active member within the beekeeping community. Sharing her knowledge and passion with those that made the ultimate sacrifice, Veterans and First Responders she hopes to touch as many of these heroes as possible, giving them a renewed sense of purpose. 

 Tristan Bannon

Tristan Bannon is one of the creators of Mission Beelieve and an avid beekeeper also an active member of Carroll County Beekeepers Association. Through Mission Beelieve he hopes to inspire others to delve into the multitude of diverse avenues in beekeeping.

The Colony

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We have found how beekeeping has it's therapeutic value and want to help educate others on the Therapeutic aspects of beekeeping.

Monica Schmitt 

Tristan Bannon

Honey Extraction


July  24th we're holding a live honey extraction workshop. If you're interested in learning about the sweet sticky process of honey extraction come join us!