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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Therapeutic and Vocational training for Veterans and First Responders


ABOUT Mission Beelieve

Mission Beelieve provides a beekeeping education for local Veterans and First Responders.
Our goal is to create a relaxing environment, while educating about the vocational aspects
of beekeeping. This program gives a sense of purpose and a way to reconnect with the


meet the team


Monica Schmitt

Monica Schmitt is the Vice President of Carroll County Beekeepers Association. She is a very active member in the club all year long and attends almost every outreach event that the CCBA is involved in, to educate the community on the benefits of beekeeping and supporting all pollinators.  She assisted in starting an adaptive beekeeping group for mentally and physically challenged adults and young adults.  From that She is developing a children’s beekeeping class 2020.   She also assists in teaching each month, all beekeeping season, at the CCBA training apiary for beginning newbee’s and experienced beekeepers. In her spare time, she belongs to six local clubs and attends everything she can to satisfy her thirst for beekeeping knowledge.  She was the winner at the 2019 EAS Honey Show, she won best in show for extracted honey. Monica is a member of various beekeeper associations throughout the country. Continuously attending meetings to amplify her beekeeping knowledge, to further help the community. Through Mission Beelieve she inspires to pass on her years of knowledge and raise the next astonishing group of beekeepers.

 Tristan Bannon

Tristan Bannon is an avid beekeeper, apart of Carroll County Beekeepers Association. He volunteers with all of the outreach events and very adamant about beekeeping.  He took a year off to study organic Permaculture, out in Southern Oregon. There he got to be immersed into a community that formed a organic co-op, where everything is produced in the surrounding area.  Being inspired by the community of Oregon, he would like to influence their ideas here within our community.  He has a great sense of ambition and envisions more than the full potential. In school he took a deep interest in psychology and the therapeutic aspects of it. Now with the inspiration to become a master beekeeper, he will pass on that knowledge to others. With Mission Beelieve he will  immerse you deep into beekeeping and help discover the therapeutic aspects. He wants to inspire others to delve into the multitudes of diverse avenues in beekeeping. Knowing how strong the military and first responders community is, Mission Beelieve can only further deepen those bonds and will only strengthen the community even more.  


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We have found how beekeeping has it's therapeutic value and want to help educate others on the Therapeutic aspects of beekeeping.

Monica Schmitt 

Tristan Bannon

Beyond The Bee Yard


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